Fit In Community is Mtree's long term architecture and community planning project that brings a positive impact through sharing a sustainable building technology and smart planning ideas with rural communities in Kenya.

Mtree architecture team (architects, engineers and planners) collaborates with local families and volunteers in marginalized communities to design and build houses that are affordable and eco-friendly using building materials that are readily available in the community. We teach local people and constantly donate our professional skills while the community shares with us their culture and local construction techniques. We respect/encourage each other to build not only houses but also “hope” for communities.

The goal of the program is to empower the community to link what they have and what they can do for their communities with a tool of architecture. It also raise awareness of the harsh living condition of the people in the community with others to generate collective impacts. Instead of focusing on completing houses, the program values on a process of sharing good design and appropriate construction technique so that the community can build their own houses and village independently. The community who participated in our program in 2014 is already building their houses with the technique that we have provided, generating a sustainable model.

Program History
Since 2013, Fit In Community was presented at various architecture and design conferences, including Dwell on Design Conference and the Structure For Inclusion in 2014, New York City. It was also awarded from Public Interest Design Global and featured in National Newspaper in Kenya as an innovative way to creative jobs in construction market. Starting in 2015, Mtree architecture team will be actively involved in establishing a village masterplan for Maya community in Kilifi, Kenya.