Brush with Hope is Mtree’s creative art education program for children in marginalized communities where local systems of learning has limited experience with creative thinking and its visual expression.

Based on Mtree’s creative art curriculum, international volunteer artists, designers, art educators, and art therapists interact with participating children to promote creative and collaborative thinking through medium of art. The program provides participating children a safe environment to examine, explore and express themselves using art materials.

Brush with Hope curriculum has been developed and modified since 2011 in collaboration of international art educators and artists. Mtree's Brush with Hope curriculum is sole intellectual property of Mtree, and please contact us for future use.

Brush with Hope Curriculum

Children learn how to visualize their feelings, ideas, experiences, and hopes throughout the program and identify behavior changes that can actualize their dreams as an individual. They also learn how to collaborate with their peers to visualize the community they dream together. Throughout this process, children interact with different ideas and reach for innovative outcomes and collective impacts, freeing themselves from stereotyped standards in ideas and expressions.

Program History
Since its first launch in 2011, the program has unlocked and nurtured creativity in about 700 children in Benin and Kenya. The artworks and stories were presented through three exhibitions in New York and Seoul  

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