Dance with Hope

Through the Dance with Hope program, participants learn how to dance dependently on the taught movements, suggested theme, music and objects, and to create their own movement independently based on their personal stories, hope and future dream, so that they embody their abstract dreams on their actual present body. Finally, participants will expand to mutually interdependent movement through their group dance activity, which is set them to learn dance as a tool for a non-verbal communication, so that they understand each other intuitively and emotionally.


The greatest improvement was in “Understanding Group Identity.” Students became better at understanding and valuing the influence of the local culture after the Dance with Hope program.


The next two greatest improvements were in “Learning the Dance Skills” and “Expressing/ Dancing with Confidence.”

2015.PALESTINE.6865 1.JPG

All participating students said they have more confidence and pleasant feelings after the Dance with Hope program.

Students choreographed their individual dance pieces and practiced to master the synchronized movement. They showed high satisfaction regarding how much they achieved as a group during the focused interview.