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Fit in Community

Our goal is to raise awareness of the poor community and bridge them to what they have, and what they can do for their community. We volunteer and donate our energy and skills while they shared with us their culture and local construction techniques. (Soil Construction) As we work together to support and encourage each other, we are able to build not only the house but hope for the community.


Urban Planning Team

  • Planner - 1 volunteer
    - Have a general knowledge of developing countries and their urban pattern
    - Professional planning experience in any kind of field is a plus
    - Research local dynamics and develop a vision for the community

Design/Construction Team


  • Project architect / Construction manager - 1 volunteer
    - Have a sufficient knowledge on construction technique and detail
    - Having an experience of residential projects in developing countries is a plus
    - Collaborate and manage construction with local workers and volunteers
  • Structural Engineer - 1 volunteer
    - Have an experience working with architects for building projects
    - Research/design structural elements of the house collaborating with local workers and volunteers  
  • Interior Designer - 1 volunteer
    - Have an experience of interior design projects

    - Research the local lifestyle and design building interior with local workers and volunteers
  • Carpenter - 1 volunteer
    - Have an experience with carpentry work

    - Research a local lumber business and design/build furniture for the house

Creative Team

  • Videographer - 1 volunteer
    Record project progress and create media products


* The cost to participate in this project is following: round-trip airfare, personal items and $500 to be paid on site.

Later Event: August 15
Brush with Hope