Fashion for All

Fashion for All program intends to see participating students be creative, build confidence, appreciate their own beauty and affirm diversity in forms of fashion design products. Participants will learn basic fashion design skills such as sketching, sewing, beading, embroidering and dyeing. While gaining these skills, students recognize various colors, textures, shapes and beauty in different forms. By working on their own and as part of a team in certain activities, participants will be positively challenged to design, solve problems and express their ideas under unique platforms. Students develop confidence and a strong sense of accomplishment by completing and presenting their final design at a runway show on the last day of the program with guidance of volunteer fashion designers.



Introduce basic fashion design skills

Provide hands-on experience of developing one’s idea into a finished garment

Ultimately utilize fashion as an outlet for change within self and community

Examine inner selves, the meaning of beauty and the context surrounding them through fashion

Develop confidence in experimentation, collaborative idea generation and creative problem solving



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Interactive Inspiration Activity

 Everything around us can be an inspiration

 Create mini cut out garments from various fabrics

 Explore basic concept to final product

Introductory Class

 General overview of fashion industry

    Example: how we develop idea/ concepts to actual garments or print/ fabric

 Show the process of making a fashion show in major cities, as well as their own country


Sewing Techniques

 Basic stitches, basic applique, hem finishing and embroidery

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Canvas Bag Making

 Application of sewing

 Understand concept of flat fabric becoming a 3D piece


Body Croquis

 Quick sketching of body

 Understand body, silhouettes, movement and proportion

 Use of different medias and techniques such as charcoal, watercolor, pencil, crayons


Fabric Tie-dyeing & Printmaking

 Introduce color theory

 Explore mix of colors, pattern, and techniques

 Create print with personalized rubber stamps, leaves, flowers etc.

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Introduction to Draping/ Volume

 Educate how different fabrics interact with body

 Practice folding, pleating, ruching, and various fashion origami techniques

 Use tie dye fabric to demonstrate draping on student pairs

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Introduction to Pattern Making

 Introduce terminology, pattern identification, and tool usage

 Show different pattern examples, deconstructed pieces, and slopers

 Practice measuring, drawing, cutting, and constructing a pattern



The attendance rate of Fashion for All program was 97.8%, and almost all (94%) of students improved in all evaluation indicators: Basic Fashion Skills, Self Expression Skills, Discovering Identity, and Embracing Diversity.