Superstar Benin is Mtree’s summer vocal training program for young adults in Benin, West Africa. International classical vocalists and musicians provide basic vocal training to young adults who have not had any training in music and singing. Curriculum is divided into two parts: individual and choir class. Children learn how to use classical vocalization techniques singing Italian and French songs in individual class. They also learn how to make musical dynamics singing opera aria in choir class.

Program participants learn how to express their musical talent skillfully and artistically, and experience singing in harmony with their classmates. Through this process, they deliver their own feelings integrating classical voices with African music. In a long-term view, the ultimate goal of the program is to create a National Youth Choir of Benin in partnership with the Ministry of Culture of Benin and create their own musical contents combining traditional stories with classical music factors. We believe that the National Youth Choir will introduce Benin to the world as a new cultural driving force to stimulate the economy of Benin. 

Program History
Since its launch in 2013, about 30 young people received both individual and group vocal training from professional musicians and vocalists from US, Germany and South Korea. A student also received advanced vocal training in Germany sponsored by Mtree volunteers. We are also in process of establishing a conservatory in Benin.