Our Program

Mtree, Inc. is a global-minded non-profit organization that networks passionate professionals who value innovative actions of sharing to promote creative, independent and sustainable life in developing countries. Mtree, short for Mustard Tree, derives its name from its representation of the organic change from a seed to a tree.

In 2011, a group of artists and designers from New York, Paris, and Seoul participated in Mtree's first creative education program, Brush with Hope, in Benin. 

Since then, Mtree expanded its creative and innovative programs in fashion design, youth opera, and eco-friendly soil architecture in Benin and Kenya. Participating volunteer professionals encounter the reality of young people’s life in developing countries through Mtree’s programs, and identify how they can be part of a greater movement of sharing of their professional skills and passion. Mtree also provide guidance to volunteers to form their own social change activities and movements in partnership with both local and international partners whom they met though our programs.