Who is Mtree


Mtree is a non-profit organization based in New York with a regional affiliate, Mtree Africa, as a registered non-profit entity in Kenya. Our mission is to create “artful change,” a transformation of marginalized communities in developing countries through arts and design. We believe that art can enrich the way people perceive themselves and the world around them. With that empowerment, we hope to build a foundation within underserved communities that values and celebrates individual and cultural identities and diversity for the common good.

Our History Timeline


Meet Our Staff



Director of Partnerships and Communication (US), Fashion for All

Designer and passionate advocate of creative play. I love sharing stories and smiles with children and youth all over the globe!


Executive Director

Writer, professional mom, born-to-be operator who has led Mtree since 2012. I make sure things get done, and done well!


Director of Art Education, Brush with Hope

Dedicated and compassionate artist, whose heart is made of children, art, lots of fluffy clouds, and the mustard seed of faith.


Director of Dancing program, Dance with Hope

Performance artist and philosopher, who believes in the beauty of body and its movement in link with the human spirit.



Director of Partnerships and Communication (Kenya)

Fun-loving perfectionist and mobilizer, who pays close attention to detail, especially when it involves English grammar.


Director of Research

Curious about the world and the creative ways children and families live, love, share, and grow.


Director of Music Program, Sing for Hope

Cheerful, adventurous pianist and singer, who inspires children to create their own stories on a melody.


Director of Media

Artist and photographer, who loves to laugh with others! Spending time with children inspires and humbles me.



Director of Architecture Program, Fit-in-Community

Serious-looking architect, who is actually friendly and super chill.


Director of Global Citizenship Education

Passionate educator who loves to work with local organizations and youth around the world.



Loving husband, M&A consultant, and idealist, who dreams of living better together with everyone in the world.


Board of Directors




Founder of Mtree. Man with an interesting sense of humor and unpredictable ideas, but overall, kind and warm.



Father of three, apparel and food business owner, and the very first board member.



Data scientist and mother of 3, who believes that anything is possible and achievable.


Art curriculum consultant (Kenya)

The best rising artist in Kenya.



President (Kenya)

The man in Kenya. Mtree is under my protection.


Chief Mission Officer (Kenya)

Lawyer with a huge heart for children in Kenya.




2019, Nairobi

"Looking Within", Kenya Nairobi National Museum

2018, New York

Forever 21 x Mtree, New York Times Square

2015, Seoul

"Interaction", Partnership with the Korean Foundation for International Cultural Exchange

2012, New York

"Brush with Hope", Chelsea Whitebox Gallery



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