One-time Donation

$30 - Provides art materials for a child to join our summer art program for two weeks

$100 - Supports three teen girls to attend fashion design program along with final fashion show

$300 - Trains a local artist to teach art to children in her community and covers a full-day art education workshop

$500 - Supports an art teacher to travel to a rural village

$1,500 - Supports the full Brush with Hope art program for 50 students over the course of two weeks


Maya Fashion School Project

$150,000 - Funds the school buildings, teachers, and room and board at a boarding school for teen girls from underserved communities, who want to learn in a design-integrated school curriculum.

Research shows that Kilifi has the highest teen marriage rate in East Kenya. 1 in 5 teenage girls have begun child bearing, which cuts them off from education and an opportunity to take charge of their futures.

Creation of a well-rounded curriculum that includes art and design and a safe environment where girls can express their identities freely can empower them to stay in school.


Fundraising Ideas for Mtree

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Create your own offline fundraiser at a birthday party, get-together, or corporate event! Mtree will provide promotional materials and content to support the cause. Donations can be sent directly via Venmo, Facebook, or our Mtree account.


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