Artful Change

Mtree chose art education as the most approachable means of achieving this mission, which has since expanded to the level of community and international development. Since 2011, we have served more than 1,000 children and youth, introducing artful engagements through our education and community development programs.

MTREE 2018-2019 REPORT


Brush with Hope

Brush with Hope is our visual arts program with a focus on self-exploration. Art activities, such as drawing, molding, sculpting, and collage, empower children to visually and creatively express their stories. Through collaborative activities, they experience first-hand how creating a culture of mutual respect can grow to become a beautiful and valuable way of life.

Curriculum link (PDF)

Pedro’s Story

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Fashion for All

Fashion for All is a program that cultivates an appreciation of creativity and individualism among teenage girls. Not only are these girls taught necessary fashion skills, such as sketching, sewing, and beading, they are provided opportunities to experience the full fashion design process. The program weaves together all the skills and creative exercises into a final runway show, where students present their designs and creations with the guidance of volunteer fashion designers.

Curriculum link (PDF)



Sing with Hope

Sing for Hope program teaches expression of oneself through musical notes and the creation of musical harmony with others. Participants learn musical skills in individual performance as well as group performance by listening to others carefully to create musical harmony. By expressing their own ideas and dreams in music and singing, participants are expected to build confidence and enjoy the wonder of musical harmony.


Dance with Hope

Through the Dance with Hope program, participating youth learn how to tell their personal stories through dance and communicate with each other intuitively. They learn about their body shape and create a dancing movement based on their personal stories and future dreams. Also, they learn dancing as a tool for non-verbal communication in understanding others intuitively and emotionally.


Global Citizenship Education Program

Our learning-in-living global citizenship program nurtures sensitive, concerned, and responsible youth to be aware of current global issues. The curriculum was developed upon a core value of interconnectedness. By tearing down the mono- or di-perspectives on a specific issue, participating youth from Kenya and other countries, share their ideas and opinions in equal footing for a practical action plan in visual ways .


Beyond Technology

Beyond Technology is the latest Mtree program implemented in Maya village that provides youth in rural communities a space to exercise reasoning and logic through the medium of technology. Participating youth learn how to solve problems with given resources and also experience the latest technology, such as 3D printing and drone mechanism.



Fit-in-Community is Mtree’s long-term sustainable community design project that not only builds houses but also “hope” for rural communities in Kenya. Fit-in-Community team (architects, engineers and planners) collaborates with the community members to design and build houses that are affordable and eco-friendly using building materials that are readily available in the community. We teach local people and constantly donate our professional skills while the community shares with us their culture and local construction techniques.

Fit-in-Community in Action


Our Partnering Community, Maya

The Maya community of Kilifi County is Mtree’s flagship site for our arts programs. Based on the east coast of Kenya, the village has 1,400 residents, whose primary source of income is a fishery. While the community has limited access to electricity, water, and general education, the Maya children crave learning. Mtree has partnered with Maya since 2015 to design an arts-integrated village that celebrates its cultural identity through the power of art and design.